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Hometown of Knösterer* since 1808

Remscheid Co-Host

Future Cleantech Architects (FCA)

FCA  is a think tank based in Germany, dedicated to high-impact R&D for the energy transition. Zooming in on eight specific R&D areas, FCA draws upon a highly experienced international expert base to identify and support innovative approaches with the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions drastically.


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Teo Otto Theater

The theater opened in 1954 and was restored later to maintain its original character. The beautiful house was named after the set designer Teo Otto, who was born in Remscheid, in 2001.
The Teo Otto Theater offers an extensive, internationally oriented program with events from opera, operetta, concert, musical, drama, classical and modern dance, circus theater, show, comedy and theater for children.


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Remscheid is known all over the world for many of its achievements - for quality tools and courageous people who have made pioneering inventions and discoveries with diligence, care and inventiveness: Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen was born here as well as the Mannesmann-brothers; Richard Lindenberg was the first to venture to manufacture electrical steel based on the patent of Prof. Héroult, and the Remscheid coppersmith Johann Friedrich Vaillant patented his new gas bath heater. The first drinking water dam and the highest railway bridge in Germany were built here. Innovative ideas always had a home here.

At the present point in its historical development, Remscheid is open-minded, tolerant and showing solidarity - a liveable and lovable city where people from more than 100 nations are at home.

An this is what we call *Knösterer*: people who do not give up, people who invent, who try, try again, try in a different way..but try and find a way!

But ... Rem... WHERE?

Located in North Rhine-Westphalia, in the area of  "Bergisches Land" Remscheid is a green city that offers a lot of nature.  31 %  of the city area are ecologically diverse and stable forests, 60 %  are located in 23 landscape protection areas, so 50% of the city area is protected. 

The "Bergisches Land" is considered the oldest industrial area in Western Europe. And is thus richly blessed with lovingly preserved evidence of world-famous craftsmanship. At the same time, this region stands for a varied, species-rich landscape in which nature is preserved with respect. The facts are impressive: from Wuppertal in the north to Windeck in the south, this nature park extends over an area of ​​more than 2,000 square kilometers. 3,500 kilometers of hiking trails lead past 16 dams, the highest railway bridge in Europe, the largest restored castle complex in the region, the oldest suspension railway in the world. Not to mention the numerous half-timbered villages, open-air museums, historic towns and dreamy streams in secret valleys. And so this nature park is an Eldorado for nature lovers, recreational athletes and those interested in history alike.

Now and Then

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